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About RAEIN-Africa

The Regional Agricultural and Environment Innovations Network-Africa (RAEIN-Africa) is a Southern African Network organisation that promotes participatory development of appropriate science and technology for sustainable management of the environment and agricultural production systems. It does so by facilitating the creation of partnerships between government, civil society, and end-user groups, as well as supporting need driven development oriented research and all inclusive policy development processes.

Our Target

The primary target of RAEIN-Africa’s work is resource constrained and disadvantaged communities of the SADC whose livelihood depend on productive and sustainable interaction between agriculture and the environment. We partner with national and regional development actors to develop, through co-innovation processes, interventions that enhance food security and livelihood systems. RAEIN-Africa capacitates development actors and communities to better manage their environment for sustainable livelihoods. 

Our Partners

RAEIN-Africa works with partners that include government ministries and departments, non-state actors among them the private sector, civil society organizations, research and academic institutions, farmer organizations, communities and the media. Our approach brings these Partners together in multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder platforms at national and regional level.

Thematic Focus and Approach

Food insecurity and fragile livelihood systems as well as related policy and regulatory environment remain priority challenges for development and hence obstacles to attaining the MDGs in SADC.


http://www.raein-africa.org/images/about-pic.jpgRAEIN-Africa focuses on three thematic areas, Food Security and Livelihoods, Climate Change and Environment and Policy and Governance.

Our Approach

Co-innovation is RAEIN-Africa’s user-centric approach to development of innovations for sustainable development. Co-innovation involves being in constant interaction with community-level as well as policy level realities in developing and implementing interventions for improving food security and livelihoods. Overcoming barriers to innovation is critical for sustainable development in the SADC.  RAEIN-Africa provides a window through which countries of the SADC can overcome barriers to co-innovation for sustainable development by facilitating integrated capacity development and sharing of development experiences. The Innovation Systems Approach (ISA), drives the Network’s projects. Through ISA RAEIN-Africa has been able to provide for meaningful participation of all actors including resource poor communities in innovation and technology development processes as well as in policy formulation and governance.